Propose Day 2023 | Propose Day Best Wishes

The month of love is here. Love is such a special feeling that it is very difficult to express properly to the people of your heart.  And many wait for a special day or time to express their love. One such special day is Propose Day which is celebrated all over the world as the second day of Valentine’s Week. Don’t delay too much; propose your loved one on this Propose Day. Valentine’s Week is for those lovers and today is Propose day.

The other days which fall into succession are – Chocolate Day (9th February),Teddy Day (10th February), Promise Day (11th February), Hug Day (February), Kiss Day (13th February) and finally Valentine’s Day (14th February).

Propose Day 2023

Happy Propose Day 2023

Propose Day is being celebrated all over the world. Be it friendship or you can express your feelings to the person you love. Here are some examples of how to send a message to a friend or loved on Propose Day.

Propose Day 10 Best Wishes.

“My love may not be expressed in words, but my actions convey it. On this special day, I hope you will accept my proposal and choose me as your future partner. Happy Propose Day”

“A lot of love is waiting for us,

Will you accompany me to move forward on that path

Happy Propose Day Dear”


“I don’t know what tomorrow wants to me,

But I know that my heart won’t let you go today,

Stay with me, Happy Propose Day”


“I love you. You are my only reason to alive

Happy Propose Day my dear sweetheart”

Happy Propose Day 2023

“I make a promise for a lifetime

to never leave your hand throughout my life.

Happy Propose Day, my love”


“Can I call you mine?

For the whole lifetime,

Happy Propose Day”


“You are my beginning,

You are my end.

You are the happiness of my love,

Happy Propose Day dear love”


“No poetry

No fancy words

Just my true feelings

For you, my love

Happy Propose Day”


“You have stolen my heart,

No regrets only Love,

Happy Propose Day”


“You are the only person

I want to be with today, tomorrow and forever.

I want you in every bit of my heart,

Please be mine forever.

Happy Propose Day”

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